n South African Journal of Higher Education - Day jobs/nightwork : academic staff studying towards higher degrees

Volume 24, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



Universities of Technology (UTs) offer career-focused education in a wide variety of disciplines and fields. Traditionally, UTs recruited academic staff with relevant workplace experience, rather than academic qualifications. The result of this strategy was, while many lecturers possessed professional qualifications in their field, they did not have Masters or Doctoral degrees. Much has changed over the past years. For example, most UTs now have requirements that, in order to be appointed as a lecturer, new staff should already be in possession of a Masters degree (although in several programmes this is not a viable requirement). Existing members of staff (appointed before the Masters degree was required) are encouraged to study towards higher degrees. The attainment of a Masters (and preferably a Doctoral) degree, followed by research outputs, are important considerations for promotion and notch increases.

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