n South African Journal of Higher Education - Cross cultural perspectives of gender and management in universities

Volume 24, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



: This article presents preliminary results of a cross cultural study of gender and management in universities.

: Qualitative interviews with senior managers in each country were analysed in relation to key concepts of career paths, support, gate keeping, management skills, disciplinary factors, gendered leadership styles and organisational cultures, and structural and cultural barriers.
: The study found that career paths into senior management are still based on the traditional male model; men tend to receive more support in moving into senior roles; women experience gate keeping on the way up and while in senior management; the skills required to be an effective university manager are not necessarily gendered; disciplinary factor sometimes are played out in senior management teams, women bring a different leadership style and thus strengthen university management; and organisational cultures have not shifted significantly in relation to gender inclusiveness.
: The study concluded that universities need to pay more attention to policies and practices that either directly or indirectly continue to discriminate against academic women and in turn discourage women from applying for senior management positions in universities.

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