n South African Journal of Higher Education - Education as transformation : a case of a faculty

Volume 24, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



Alexander, Van Wyk, Bereng and November (2009) are of the opinion that the purpose of education is the development of human capital towards meeting and achieving the individual and psycho-social needs of learners and communities which should be brought about through a process of transformation. In essence, this would imply that any discourse with regard to learning in Higher Education (HE) should constantly be reflective and interrogative of epistemological assumptions underlying transformation-meaning. 'How knowledge is conceived, constructed and transmitted' should be linked to broader societal issues (Hall in Report of the Ministerial Committee on Transformation and Social Cohesion and the Elimination of Discrimination in Public Higher Education Institutions 2008).

In our article, we locate our discussion on education within the broader framework of transformation. Teacher training imperatives for a transformative South African educational system are discussed. In addition, the conceptualisation of knowledge as reflected in the teacher training practices of a faculty is analysed. We further propose certain aspects which might be considered for the enhancement of educational transformation in the Faculty of the University of the Free State. Suggestions made, emanate from the different student teachers' views captured through semi-structured interviews in the Faculty of Education.

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