n South African Journal of Higher Education - Links between content knowledge and practice in a Mathematics Teacher Education course : a case study

Volume 25, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



This qualitative study examined the link between content knowledge and classroom practice from the perceptions of two university lecturers. The study was contextualized at a higher education institution in South Africa where the two university lecturers were lecturing to a second year undergraduate teacher trainee class (n = 78). The research was conceptualised in terms of Vygotsky's educational theory and the process of scaffolding. Questionnaires in which these lecturers expressed their views on content knowledge in general were administered to them. Video recorded lessons on rates of change in Calculus were observed to triangulate actual lesson instruction and their views on content knowledge and classroom practice. Data yielded by these research instruments confirmed certain assumptions and literature claims. The study revealed that the two university lecturers portrayed a strong link between a lecturers' content knowledge and his/her classroom practice.

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