n South African Journal of Higher Education - Is democracy possible in university governance? A case of the University of Limpopo

Volume 25, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



University governance remains a controversial issue in South African higher education as it was during the Apartheid era. Neave (1998) in Harry de Boer and Leo Goedegebuure (2001, 163) rightly say that 'governance within higher education is a most complicated and challenging issue. Of all issues currently under discussion, few are more controversial than those pertaining to the institutions of governance'. This article examines the extent to which governance of the University of Limpopo is democratic, pursuant to a foray of policy papers and legislation on the transformation of higher education. In other words, 'To what extent has the governance of the University of Limpopo transformed towards democratic practices since South Africa became a democratic country? If not, what are the constraints?' I argue that the University governance has not been sufficiently transformed if by transformation we mean a procedure in which collective decisions are arrived at through reasoned deliberations.

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