n South African Journal of Higher Education - African traditions that enhance philosophical ideologies
African philosophy of education reconsidered: On being human, Yusef Waghid : book review

Volume 28, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



Waghid's book, (2014), makes a case for an African philosophy of education to develop in a rational, principled and stimulating context in order to ultimately to produce realistic solutions to African problems. The book addresses the paucity of conversations in respect of a particular African philosophy of education that integrates reasonableness, culture and emotion, including the empowerment of African women to address cultural and societal marginalisation, as part of an African philosophy of education. Firstly, the reviewer espouses the point that an African philosophy of education discourse is meant to move beyond a mere discussion of culture and tradition to being an innovative, scientific practice aimed at resolving dilemmas on the African continent. Waghid's book uses ubuntu as an instance of African philosophy of education to do pragmatist work in resolving educational and societal problems on the continent in relation to justice, including equality for all. Secondly, the reviewer is mindful of Waghid's assertion that an African philosophy of education necessitates rational debate in order to achieve a coherent understanding of the manner in which age-old traditional thoughts may be incorporated into an innovative African ethos. Ultimately, Waghid advocates that teaching and learning should provoke attitudes of openness and criticality, but he also takes care to encourage those who guide to be aware of student diversity as acknowledged by African philosophers.

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