n South African Journal of Higher Education - Using collaborative strategies to implement critical pedagogy in an HE lecture-room : initiating the debate

Volume 28, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



In this article, the author focuses on a study that used co-operative, experiential teaching and learning strategies to implement critical pedagogy in English Education lecture-rooms at a higher education (HE) institution. Using observations, interviews, focus-groups and student evaluations, the author determined the extent to which new knowledge could be produced through active engagement. She found that, firstly, an enabling lecture-room environment that respects and values students' contributions was essential to establish non-threatening ways for students to engage with each other, the lecturer and the issues being considered. Secondly, students recognised the importance of dialogue, co-learning and inclusion and could challenge opinions and reflect on their own beliefs and attitudes. Thirdly, they appeared to have agency and voice and yet interacted with respect for and consideration of others. Finally, the findings revealed that, by the end of the study, students were able to identify the benefits and difficulties of employing collaborative strategies to implement critical pedagogy.

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