oa Historia - Ekonomie en politiek in die S.A. ontwikkelingsgeskiedenis : 'n historiografiese verkenning

Volume 32, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0018-229X



Economics and Politics of S.A. Development History : a historiographic investigation. Have apartheid and capitalism been friends. partners, enemies or strangers? Two approaches disregard or disavow any intrinsic link: Afrikaner historiography focuses on the Afrikaner's political struggle, and barely mentions politico-economic aspects. In liberal eyes apartheid measures are ""irrational"" and in basic conflict with the development of a ""rational"" liberal economic (and social) order. Other approaches stress an intrinsic link: Neo- Marxist historiography sees apartheid as having been created and sustained to serve the class interests of (both Afrikaner and English) capitalists. The overall conclusion is that one can no longer doubt an intrinsic linkage of economics and politics in SA history. Apartheid and capitalism have decidedly complemented one another, albeit in a debatable way. Specifically, the origins of the politico-economic position of blacks date back to long before 1948, with economic considerations as an important factor and the business sector being undeniably co-responsible. Further uncovering of intrinsic political-economic dynamics is crucially important, but will require a careful and more integrated, albeit critical, appreciation of the whole spectrum of historiography.

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