oa Historia - Omstrede Suid-Afrikaanse skoolgeskiedenis

Volume 34, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0018-229X



Contentious history for schools in South Africa. The crisis in present-day South African school history is investigated and it is pointed out that although the quest for the right kind of history at school in a multi-cultural society has been carried on since 1874, the matter is still controversial. The controversy has shifted from a Boer-Brit to a Black-White dichotomy, from which the alternative ""people's history"" movement has emerged. This is analysed by the author, after a comparison between the teaching of history in Europe and that in South Africa is provided. As a solution the author advises that consensus be reached between White, Black and Brown educationalists on a very broadly-based curriculum with a wide choice of topics and perspectives. The view is that this would satisfy the demands of historical consciousness, namely orientation and identity formation. As an alternative, decentralization or regionalization of syllabi is suggested with the same aims in mind.

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