oa Historia - Die invloed van die Helpmekaarbeweging in Suid-Afrika, 1915-1920

Volume 35, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0018-229X



The influence of the Helpmekaar Movement in South Africa 1915-1920. The Helpmekaar Movement originated in the Orange Free State as a result of the Rebellion of 1914-1915. After an initial slow start the movement gathered momentum, achieving its aim and reaching its climax in 1917with the settlement of the rebels� debt. In the process the Helpmekaar influenced political, economic and cultural aspects of Afrikaner society. It stimulated the growth of the National Party on the one hand and the decline of the South African Party on the other. Apart from the immediate financial relief to the rebels through the movement's funds, it also assisted the economic renaissance of the Arikaner and helped to build his financial confidence. The spiritual traits of the Afrikaner, namely his religious disposition and the intimate relation between people (volk) and church, were reconfirmed and further embedded in his character. The Afrikaners' participation in the Helpmekaar events also created an opportunity for intense cultural identification especially with regard to his language and history. The Helpmekaar Movement was more comprehensive in its activities and its influence on the Afrikaner was far greater than it is generally given credit for.

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