oa Historia - Geskiedenis van die alledaagse lewe : 'n nuwe stroming in die Duitse sosiale geskiedskrywing

Volume 35, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0018-229X



History of everyday life: the new German Alltagsgeschichte movement. ""Everyday life"" history actually means ""people's history"" which is not without relevance to South Africa. It deals with local history in which the focus is on ordinary or common people who have experienced the effects of political or economic decision-making. Concrete reality is brought to the fore and man rediscovered as a subject of history; it is an alternative history resulting from protest against the existing professional historical writing. The author analyses some recent examples of Alltagsgeschichte and explains the nature of people's history. He also analyses the reasons for the rise of the new movement -a new intellectual climate in West Germany, a reaction against the new kind of abstract social science history and influences from abroad such as the Ruskin College's History Workshop Movement. He also descriptionbes the advantages and disadvantages of the new trend.

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