oa Historia - Gustav Preller : sy historiese bewussyn en geskiedbeskouing

Volume 35, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0018-229X



Gustav Preller (1875-1943): His historical consciousness and concept of history. Preller's historical consciousness displays a structural coherence of the understanding of the present, the anticipation of the future and the interpretation of the past: In order to ensure a post Boer War Afrikaner identity, he presented an alternative people's (volks) history in contrast to the British vision of South Africa's past, which was characterized by presentism and engagement. It contains defensive and offensive functions of consciousness which created a Great Trek and Boer War mythology. He aimed to strengthen the Afrikaners' national and historical identity by creating an Afrikaner-centric image of the past. His historical writing which satisfied a life-requirement was characterized by nationalism, scepticism about objectivity, and attempted to establish historical continuity with the past.

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