n Historia - Jan Smuts. Memoirs of the Boer War, Gail Natrass, S.B. Spies (eds.) : book review

Volume 39, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0018-229X



Only a few Boer generals wrote their memoirs of the Anglo-Boer War. Undoutedly the most famous were those written by General Christiaan de Wet, first published in Dutch in 1902 and subsequently translated into at least eight languages. Others followed, like those by B.J. Viljoen (1902), C.C.J. Badenhorst (1903), C.H. Muller (1936), J.C.G. Kemp (1941) but apparently written by J.H. Breytenbach) , and B.D. Bouwer (1980, written down by F.J. le Riche). General G.H.A.V. de Villebois Mareuil's diary was published posthumously in 1902, while General J.H. de la Rey's memoirs in die Transvaal Archives are still awaiting publication.

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