n Historia - Light on a rebellion of 1906.
, P.S. Thompson : book review

Volume 50, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0018-229X



Extracted from text ... 317 Light on a Rebellion of 1906 P.S. Thompson, Bhambatha at Mpanza: The Making of a Rebel P.S. Thompson, 2004 153 pp ISBN 0 620 31692 6 R190.00 Thompson's contribution to the historiography of KwaZulu-Natal is welcome. The book is well-researched. The fact that it is predominately based on the archival research, is also commendable. It is "only half a biography" of Bhambatha. It looks at him from his early childhood as "a headstrong boy, fond of fighting". He was very good at shooting and a fast runner. He took over a Zondi chiefdom that had a lot of problems, ..

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