n Historia - Liberals, Marxists, and Nationalists. Competing interpretations of South African History, Merle Lipton
A historical historiography : book feature

Volume 53, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0018-229X
  • Author Christopher Saunders
  • Source : Historia, Volume 53, Issue 2, Nov 2008, p. 287 - 292
  • Accreditation : Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)
    ScieLO SA (2016)
    The International Bibliography of Social Sciences (IBSS)



Merle Lipton is known to historians of twentieth century South Africa for her major book, , which analysed the relationship between segregation / apartheid policies and economic development. Though originally trained as a historian at the University of Cape Town, where in 1963, under the name Merle Babrow, she completed a thesis that looked critically at the work of George McCall Theal, since the early 1970s she has worked from England, mainly not as a historian, but as a researcher and consultant on current issues relating to South Africa, so keeping abreast of the way in which South Africa moved away from high apartheid to its present-day democracy. Now she has produced a relatively short, but densely argued book that considers the ways in which scholars have written about the origins, development and eventual collapse of segregation / apartheid.

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