n Historia - Liberals, Marxists, and Nationalists. Competing interpretations of South African History
A rejoinder to my reviewers

Volume 54, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0018-229X



The aspect of South Africa's past that Jeff Peires (in his review of Liberals, Marxists and Nationalists) hoped was "decently dead and buried", was the conduct of historians in the debate between the (self-styled) "neo-Marxist revisionist" and liberal historians. This debate, which dominated much of South African historiography during the closing decades of the twentieth century, centred on the relationship between capitalism and apartheid, and the role of white liberals in South Africa. Peires' demand that this debate be buried, was supported by some of the other prominent historians, particularly Chris Saunders and Hugh Macmillan, who contributed to the book feature in Historia, November 2008.

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