n Historia - Story of idealism and courage
Red in the Rainbow : The Life and Times of Fred and Sarah Carneson, L. Carneson : book review

Volume 56, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0018-229X



Fred and Sarah Carneson were prominent anti-apartheid activists from the late 1940suntil the collapse of the apartheid state in 1990. They were also dedicated communists and fervently believed that international communism would unite the human race and build an equal, just and peaceful society for everyone. They were prepared to sacrifice themselves for this cause. As a result they did not hesitate to confront the might of the apartheid state. The title of the book reflects their political affiliation. Nelson Mandela referred to the new South Africa as the "rainbow nation" and for Lynn Carneson, her parents and fellow communists became the "red" in this rainbow, the colour symbolising communism.

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