n Historia - An elegantly written treatise on Botswana's economic history
Delusions of Grandeur: Paradoxies and Ambivalences in Botswana's Macroeconomic Firmament, Volume 1, David Magang : book review

Volume 60, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0018-229X



David Magang is a former cabinet minister and one of the most successful indigenous entrepreneurs in Botswana. His extensively researched and elegantly written treatise on the economy of Botswana since independence from British colonial rule in 1966 can be described as macroeconomics made simple for the general reader. Just as he does in his voluminous autobiography, (2008), in this new publication the fearless Magang does not mince his words. Even though he is a lawyer by profession and not a trained economist, he demonstrates erudite understanding of both the Botswana economy and the global economy. He provides helpful historical background on political developments in Botswana and on key local and international financial institutions that feature in the book.

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