n IFE PsychologIA : An International Journal - Honesty, cooperation and curiosity and achievement of some schools on Nanjing (China)

Volume 12, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1117-1421



This study explored the influence of honesty, cooperation and curiosity on the process of effective learning in school settings. It is speculated that these variables might promote academic success of students and the progress of their schools. The variables were assessed by different t-tests to examine the gender differences among students. The results indicated that male and female Chinese students differed in honesty with girls more honest than boys. They also differed in cooperation with girls more cooperative and boys more competitive. It was also found that males were as curious as females. The influences of honesty, cooperation and curiosity on school achievement were examined by a multiple regression analysis. Results suggested a relative influence of curiosity and honesty on school achievement and revealed that school achievement was not influenced by cooperative learning.

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