n IFE PsychologIA : An International Journal - Perceived psycho-emotional influence of aesthetics, affluence and environmental sophistication on employees' theft behaviours in the workplace

Volume 19, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1117-1421



This study examined employees' perception of workplace theft in six industrial organizations at different situations where aesthetics, affluence and environmental sophistication were presented. Participants were one hundred and forty-four employees (72 males and 72 males) selected from Shell, Mobil, Altec, NBC, Peacock and Safeway Ventures in the south-south and south Eastern parts of Nigeria. A questionnaire was used in collecting data about workplace theft as may be influenced by aesthetics, affluence and environmental sophistication. The Chi-Square Goodness of Fit and Test of Independence were used in analyzing data. Results showed that employees were perceived to engage in workplace theft under the influence of aesthetics (2 = 18.86, 3df, P &lt;0.01); were also perceived to steal when wealth was present (2 = 47.64, 3df, P <0.01) and were also perceived to be assisted by sophisticated technologies to steal (2 = 78.84, 3df, P <0.01). Moreover, other results showed a statistically significant difference between perceived organizational theft behaviour across the three variables (2 = 109.93, df = 25, P &lt;0.01); a statistically significant difference in the perception of employee theft between junior and senior employees (2 = 26.39, df = 9, P <0.01) and a statistically significant difference in the perceived theft behaviour of male and female employees (2 = 586.057, df = 5 P <0.01). These findings were discussed in line with supporting evidence of previous studies. Implications of the findings were discussed and recommendations provided for policy.

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