n IFE PsychologIA : An International Journal - Impact of culture on adjustment to bereavement in Benue and Nasarawa States of Nigeria : counseling implications

Volume 21, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1117-1421



This study examines the impact of culture on adjustment to bereavement in Benue and Nasarawa states of Nigeria and counselling implications. Three research questions and three hypotheses were postulated. The 'Bereavement and Adjustment inventory (BAI)' was developed to elicit information from two thousand, three hundred respondents The chi-square statistics was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The study discovered that cultural practices of Remarriage to next of kin, deprivation of property inheritance to a particular gender and non-involvement of children in decisions affecting them have significant negative impact on social, economic and psychological adjustment to bereavement with the following results. Culture and social adjustment x2=31339, df=6 P&lt; 0.05. Culture and economic adjustment x2=21155 with df 6, P<0.05 and culture and psychological adjustment x2= 88471 df 6 P<0.05 level of significance. Based on these findings, the researchers recommend amendment of the customary laws which are not relevant in the 21st century. It also advocates for community counseling centres to be established in both urban and rural areas to make bereavement counseling available to all and sundry.

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