n IFE PsychologIA : An International Journal - Adjustment and psychological well-being of school-going adolescent flood victims in Bayelsa State, Nigeria




Unprecedented flood ravaged about eighty percent of Bayelsa State in October, 2012 rendering many homeless. This study sought to investigate the relationship between adjustment and psychological well-being of school-going adolescent flood victims. Quantitative and qualitative research methods were combined to triangulate the study to gain a better insight of the study. Two hundred school-going adolescent flood victims were purposively sampled from various camps that were made available by the State Government. Their ages ranged between 12 and 20. Chi-square was used to analyse the quantitative data while content analysis and verbatim report was used to corroborate the quantitative analysis. The finding revealed that adjustment and psychological well-being have a significant relationship. Based on the finding, the public was encouraged to sustain the tempo of encouragement to the flood victims for sustainable adjustment and psychological well-being.


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