n IFE PsychologIA : An International Journal - Post-traumatic stress disorder and psychological well-being among University of Maiduguri students

Volume 22, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1117-1421



Boko Haram insurgents in north east Nigeria made many people seek psychiatric treatment because of psychological complications including PTSD. This cross-sectional study used a judgemental (non-probability) sampling technique, to examine post-traumatic stress disorder and psychological well-being among university of Maiduguri students. Two hundred and forty-six (141 (57.3%) males and 105 (42.7%) students with mean (x) age of 22.97 years and SD (± 4.48) participated in the study. The results showed a prevalence of 17.8% for PTSD and psychological well-being had a significant relationship with PTSD (r = .638, df = 245, P =.000). Similarly, marital status (x2 = .000, P = .000), history of sexual abuse (x2 = .003, P = .010) and family history of mental illness (x2 = .000, P = .000) correlated significantly with PTSD. Governments, NGOs and Health Care Providers (HCP) must help provide social support for these people, assist in the treatment (psychosocial interventions/drugs) and prevention of PTSD.

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