n IFE PsychologIA : An International Journal - Socio-psychological factors as determinants of reproductive health behaviour among couples in Nigeria




The study established the influence of socio-psychological factors on the reproductive health behavior among couples in Ibadan, Nigeria. A total of three hundred men and women were randomly selected from five different professions in Ibadan constituted the sample for the study. The two instruments used were author-constructed questionnaires with 0.71 and 0.69 reliability co-efficient, respectively. The data obtained were analyzed using multiple regression analysis. The results indicated that significant relationships existed between extramarital sexual partners (B=0.0075; t= 4.985 p. < 0.05), family size (B= 0.0066; t= 3.851 p. <0.05), prenatal care (B= 0.236; t= 3.038, p. <0.05), contraceptive use (B= 0.0271; t= 2.712, p. <0.05) and breastfeeding (B= 0.50; t= 2.680, p<0.05) and reproductive behavior but not with birth spacing practices. The results also indicated that a combination of the independent variables significantly predicted reproductive behavior and relationship (F- ratio= 10.212 p. <0.05). The result therefore, indicates the need for those in the helping professions to design intervention programmers for couples on reproductive health behavior.


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