n IFE PsychologIA : An International Journal - Influence of ego integrity and health status on death anxiety of adults in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Volume 24, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1117-1421



This study was carried out to determine the influence of Ego Integrity and Health Status on Death Anxiety among Adults in Ekiti State using a cross-sectional approach. Three cohorts of Adults; Early (18-34yrs), Middle (35-60yrs) and Late (60yrs and above) were used in the study. A total of 468 Adults (male = 230, female =238) were drawn from among Nigerian adults resident in Ekiti State using a multi - stage random sampling technique. The Death Anxiety Scale (DAS) developed by Templer (1970) was used to measure the criterion variable; Death Anxiety while Ego Integrity was measured by Life Satisfaction Scale-Z (LIS-Z) developed by Neugarten, Havighurst and Tobin (1961) and Health Status was determined by an item in the questionnaire. Two hypotheses were tested and data were analyzed using the Independent t-test. Results indicated that here is a significant difference between the Sick and Healthy Adults on Death Anxiety, and that there is no significant difference between attainment of Ego Integrity and non-attainment of Ego Integrity in late Adults age group on Death Anxiety. It was concluded that Health Status significantly influence Death Anxiety while Ego Integrity does not significantly influence death anxiety. The results were discussed in line with the theoretical framework of this study. Recommendations were made in line with the findings that the society should encourage an engagement of the adult group in more rewarding roles and activities into old age so as to promote good health and reduce death anxiety.

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