n IFE PsychologIA : An International Journal - A comparative study of the effectiveness of two types of medical curricula using the education experiences of medical students at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Texas, USA

Volume 9, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1117-1421



First year students comprising 186 on the Traditional Learning Track (TLT), 24 on the Interactive Learning Track (ILT) and 3rd year students, made up of 214 TLT and 21 ILT students were evaluated using questionnaires. One hundred and ten students responded: 24 (100%) ILT, 18(9.7%) TLT of the 1st year, and 17 (81%) ILT, 51(23.8%) TLT for the 3rd year. Forty one point seven per cent of the 1st ILT compared with 33.3% TLT responded that their educational experiences prepared them well for clinical clerkship. These motivated reading in 41.7% ILT and 33.3% TLT students, and further research in 41.7% of ILT and 0 (0.0%) of TLT students; 62.5% of ILT students responded that active learning was encouraged, and that retention of information was assisted in 45.8%; corresponding figures for the 1st TLT was 16.7% and 33.3%. Positive transfer of knowledge into clinical experience occurred in 45.8% and 50% of 1st year ILT and TLT respectively. Sequencing and pacing of study items affected the learning process positively in both curricula. Regarding the 3rd year students, 70.6% ILT students responded that their tutorials prepared them well for clinical clerkship as against 41.2% of TLT students. Motivations of further reading occurred in 52.9% (ILT), 43.1% (TLT) and further research were motivated in 52.9 (ILT) and 19.6 (TLT) respectively. Active learning was positively encouraged equally (47.1%) and retention of information occurred in 41.2% of ILT and 35.3% of TLT student; this information was transferred into clinical experience in 52.9% of ILT, but only in 7.8% of 3rd TLT students. Pacing and sequencing of clinical cases affected their learning process almost equally. All students on the ILT programme responded that their tutors had positive attitude, were collegial and aided their learning process. The TLT students found their lecturers to be collegial in 77.8% (1st year), 70.6% (3rd year); they aided learning process in 72.2% (1st year TLT) and 80.4% 3rd year TLT.

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