n International Journal for Religious Freedom - Defending religious freedom of Christians benefits all : in my opinion

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2070-5484



At least 75% of all religious liberty violations worldwide are committed against Christians. There are many reasons: Christianity is by far the largest religion and phenomenally growing. Countries with a colonial history use traditional religions for identity building and many countries increasingly connect nationalism and religion. Christians often are major advocates for human rights and democracy and endanger well-established connections between religion and industry. The peacefulness of Christian churches invites the use of force against them since no resistance is feared. They are often equated with the hated West and the international nature of Christianity is regarded as a danger. Religious conversion, peaceful missionary work and the public expression of religious convictions must be safeguarded as integral components of religious freedom. By defending religious freedom of Christians, the plight of other persecuted minorities is also brought to attention. Let us promote religious liberty for all people around the world, regardless of religious or ideological affiliation. [CS]

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