n International Journal for Religious Freedom - Hindutva agenda and minority rights - A Christian response. Study of Hindu fundamentalism and its impact on secularism in India from 1947-1997. (Studies in the Gospel Interface with Indian Contexts, 8), M. Thomas Cherian : book review

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2070-5484



In the fifty years after independence, instead of a growth in communal harmony and national integration throughout India, there developed a tendency to factionalize and politicize religious identities and to exploit spirituality to divisive ends. Whereas the constitution promised liberty for all to practice and propagate their faiths, the insistence to demand India to become Hindu Rashtra was intensified by forces which were negative towards the pluralism that existed in the country. The concept of 'secular democracy' was not properly understood and its outworking suffered much hindrances. Ideological confusions were flaunted by forces that steadily developed superstructures to the extent of capturing political power and governance at the State and Central levels.

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