n International Journal for Religious Freedom - Featured topic : freedom to believe for Muslims who leave Islam
Secret believers. What happens when Muslims turn to Christ?, Brother Andrew & Al Janssen
No place to call home. Experiences of apostates from Islam, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (Ed.)
Freedom of religion, apostasy and Islam, Abdullah Saeed & Hassan Saeed
Married to a Martyr, Jonathan Carswell & Joanna Wright
Religious freedom in the world, Paul A Marshall (Ed.) : book reviews

Volume 2, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 2070-5484



There are increasing numbers of Muslims leaving Islam. And there have always been laws against and penalties for "apostasy" in Islam, up to the death penalty, applied in varying degrees of harshness in history by the respective state, families or society, in order to keep people from leaving Islam. Some Muslims are leaving Islam because they have discovered Christ. Usually, once they confess their new found faith openly and witness about it, they encounter the severest repression.

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