n International Journal for Religious Freedom - Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms: A study in the development of reformed social thought, David VanDrunen : book review

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 2070-5484



If, as thoughtful and responsible Christians, we want to promote freedom of religion on the global level, obviously we have rejected theocratic ways of thinking, but we have not opted to withdraw from the world into holy communities. We assume there is a standard of civilized and humane life (including freedom of religion for all) which we want to promote that is also mostly compatible with the way of life we teach within Christian churches. But how are we to explain this theologically? A very worthy proposal for theological categories is the combination of natural moral law with two kingdoms doctrine. VanDrunen offers a superb historical study of how these themes have been taught in the Reformed and Presbyterian traditions in Europe and North America.

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