n International Journal for Religious Freedom - The early history of the Evangelical Alliance and of its advocacy for religious freedom : documentation

Volume 5, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2070-5484



This monumental work on "The History of the Evangelical Alliance in the Age of Liberalism" treats (1) the actual history, (2) the role played by key personalities, and (3) the main focus of the Alliance's work (especially freedom of religion and conscience, weeks of prayer, mission, publications). Lindemann regards the Alliance from its outset as the first organized form of ecumenism, as the sole true ecumenical organization which emerged from the revival in the 19th century (15). He criticizes the fact that historical depictions of modern ecumenism often begin very late and pass over the Alliance as well as a number of its earlier leading representatives as forerunners of the unity of Christians (21). On the whole, Lindemann writes from a friendly yet critical distance. As his work is unlikely to be translated into English due to its sheer volume, I would like to highlight the new insights it presents into the early engagement of the Alliance for religious freedom (in part. 141-151, 205-321, 592-645, 773-811, 858, 868-913). Never before has this been presented in such detail. Of special interest are the insights gained from the files of the 'British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.'

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