oa Graphix - Kindle hasn't killed book publishing yet : book publishing

Volume 10, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1816-0786



Who reads books anymore? Digital publishing, Kindle, the iPad, and the Web are killing the publishing star. Paper is old hat and we're expected to respect that it's in ever shorter supply.

But none of that is really true. Sustainable forests restock our paper needs. The Kindle is unlikely to kill the entire publishing industry. Nor has the web. In fact, each year the stats come out there are more pages printed than ever before. The same trend holds true in book publishing. About 1,7 billion trade books are sold each year. That's about 500 billion offset pages. Professional books are essentially required reading for people in various professions and trades, including business, law and medicine. They can carry a high retail value and about 170 million volumes are sold each year. University presses are non-profit book publishers who keep low-demand yet intellectually significant books in print. Millions of books are sold through them each year.

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