oa Graphix - Bringing clarity to the cloudy issue of plates : computer-to-plate

Volume 8, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 1816-0786



Today, more than ever, printers the world over are deliberating financial decisions, and pondering potential investments as they strive to survive the credit crunch, and work out how to create a prime position for their businesses once the downturn in the economy swings back the other way. At the same time, they are closely examining how they can win more business, and reduce day-to-day running costs. With all this on their minds, the added pressure of being environmentally friendly is perhaps not as high up the agenda as it was. However, tackling environmental issues often goes hand-in-hand with reducing costs, and for the enlightened, there are definite business opportunities to be gained, so the subject should remain a priority for most.

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