n Packaging Review South Africa - Automatic mould plate changeover : printing and converting

Volume 35, Issue 11
  • ISSN : 1014-8280



The mould plate changeover system by Multivac ensures the programmable and automatic conversion of the R 535 thermo-former to a new packaging shape. With this system, packers can even process small batch sizes without any loss in productivity and strengthen their competitive position by offering a variety of packaging alternatives. In general, until now, the forming dies for the various packaging shapes were set up by hand. To do this, the machine must be stopped and the forming die that is no longer needed is exchanged for the new one. Depending on the design of the die, the operator exchanges the inner parts of the die that shape the package, the mould plate or even the complete die. The more often such replacements are carried out, the less time the machine runs. The human factor also plays a role in manual exchanges. Human operators make mistakes sometimes.

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