n South African Food Review - Annique Rooibos Health and Beauty : African focus

Volume 38, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0379-6000



The Annique story started in 1968 when Dr Annique Theron discovered the amazing anti-allergic and soothing properties of rooibos tea. Her baby daughter, Lorinda, was very ill with colic. She couldn't keep her food down and hardly slept. One April morning, Lorinda was crying and Dr Theron, in her haste to give her her milk, mistakenly mixed Lorinda's milk with the rooibos tea that was brewing on the stove. After drinking the mixture, Lorinda slept peacefully for three hours, which she had never done before. A few days afterwards, Dr Annique realised that she hadn't had as much laundry as usual and realised it was after the rooibos tea mixture she had given Lorinda.

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