n South African Food Review - Chairman's address : Ripples and Waves - SANBWA newsletter May 2011

Volume 38, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 0379-6000



Bulk water or bottled water in 20 litre containers is an aspect of the bottled water industry that SANBWA has been discussing for the last ten years. The problem that we are always faced with is that, once the seal is broken, there is no control on potential contamination of the water in the 20 litre containers. So the debate has been along the lines of 'if the bottles were to carry the SANBWA logo, and green algae or floaters or worse were to appear in the bottle after the seal has been broken, this would have a negative impact on our reputation.' Logically, bulk water can be accommodated within SANBWA regulations until the point the seal is broken and the bottle fitted to the dispenser or office cooler. The question is how to manage and monitor quality after the seal has been broken. This puzzle is one of the projects your Committee will be tackling this coming year.

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