n South African Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Review - Pre-formulation : beginning with the end in mind : tableting & encapsulating

Volume 37, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 0257-2028



The notable author and leadership guru, Stephen R Covey, in his discourse on the seven habits of highly effective people, defines a habit as 'an intersection of knowledge, skill and desire', and proclaims one of these as 'begin with the end in mind'. Nothing could be more apt in relation to the concept of designing an acceptable dosage form for a drug, with the product and its user in mind. Traditionally, pre-formulation exercises or evaluations are performed on new chemical entities. This is to determine their physico-chemical characteristics and optimal bio-properties, with a view to anticipating formulation and processing problems, so that the end formulation is stable and easily manufactured, while being safe for consumption and effective therapeutic performance.

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