n South African Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Review - No more odour : ingredients

Volume 38, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 0257-2028



Sweat itself may be odourless but the by-products produced by bacteria such as Corynebacteria and Micrococci, which grow on the body, can produce unpleasant odours. A deodorant reduces the body odour caused by perspiration and can come in many different formats, from aerosol sprays to liquid roll-ons or even solid powders, solid gels, liquid gels and creams. These products act in numerous ways to counteract the odour, by masking the smell, inhibiting the growth of bacteria through antibacterial substances, eliminating the bacterial by-products, purifying the pores or even just to soothe the skin under the arm.

Unipex Solutions, available locally through Hexachem, has a number of ingredients and concepts to assist formulators in creating these products.

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