n South African Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Review - Wire yourself happy : association news

Volume 43, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 0257-2028



In-Body uses a combination of integrative, mindful and somatic (mind-body and movement-based) practices that help you feel and process emotions. You become more aware of and able to break free from self-imposed limitations and can more easily adapt to change. Harris reminded lecture attendees how important it is for them to check in with themselves on a daily basis. We tend to go about life without actually checking if we are okay. Modern lifestyles are filled with so many stress factors and external distractions that our minds are inclined to spend too much time in the negative (red/ fight or flight space) and not enough time in the happy (green space). Stress develops in the mind yet its effects are felt throughout the body. Harris taught us about the dangers of the brain being in the red too long and how cortisol actually kills off areas and can make your IQ drop.

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