n IMFO : Official Journal of the Institute of Municipal Finance Officers - From the president

Volume 13, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1607-520X



Sometimes we have this strange expectation that while times are really busy, there will finally be a lull sometime in the future. This certainly has been my expectation - and yet each day there just seems to be more to be done and less time available. I try to encourage those around me with the thought that if there really is still so much to do that really does need to be done and so many demands on our time to do the tasks and activities described in our job descriptions as well as further new tasks being added to our list of responsibilities, there is definitely a need for the jobs we are doing. We can therefore walk in some semblance of confidence that these jobs will remain and we will remain gainfully employed if we keep on doing the work diligently and well. A lot of focus has been spent in the last quarter on the job market and the increase or decrease in jobs available in our country.

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