n IMFO : Official Journal of the Institute of Municipal Finance Officers - The need for inclusive thinking - new era leadership

Volume 15, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1607-520X



Our ability to deal effectively with all the different situations we face in life depends on the degree to which we are able to appreciate and comprehend the full picture. But there is more to it...Not only does it help us to find the best possible or most effective response, but even more importantly, we experience life more fully, in a richer and more fulfilling way, if we can broaden our insight with a sincere mind and heart. As much as it makes sense, it is very rare to see people willing and committed to grow a fuller and richer appreciation and understanding of the problems or challenges they encounter - particularly where people are involved. Not only do we have to open our mind, but also our heart, and most difficult of all, our will.

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