n IMFO : Official Journal of the Institute of Municipal Finance Officers - Inaccuracies in municipal valuation rolls

Volume 6, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1607-520X



Extracted from text ... IMFO ? Fall 2006 36 Feed-back on the benefits of geographical banding systems (see IMFO Spring 2005) shows that Financial Officers are still not sure how to deal with valuation inaccuracies or when they can choose banding valuation methods. This article shows that Municipalities can avoid errors by using geographical or value banding methods Briefly Act 6 of 2004 permits banding when there is a scarcity of market-related data that the valuation will give inappropriate, that is inaccurate results as sec 45 3 (a) of Act 6 of 2004:- If available market-related data of any category of rateable property ..

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