n IMFO : Official Journal of the Institute of Municipal Finance Officers - Large power user auditing (LPU) and certification




Extracted from text ... 39 Background to Town Load ? A medium size coastal town ? Mixture of: Commercial, light industrial, holiday resorts (bulk) and domestic (prepaid and conventional metering) ? December/January, period when audit was performed, is the lowest demand period with consumption down by + 8% from the mean monthly average Annual Consumption Demographics: ? Prepaid 33, 125 (MWh) ? Domestic 34, 104 (MWh) ? Commercial 19, 673 (MWh) ? Light Industrial 548 (MWh) ? Bulk 49, 779 (MWh) ? Total 146, 229 (MWh) Large power user auditing (LPU) and certification (Mossel Bay Municipality Case Study) The audit was done by ..


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