n IMIESA - The widest, highest, heaviest super-load to travel the N2 : roads and bridges




Extracted from text ... IMIESA JUNE 2005 - 19 ROADS AND BRIDGES To meet the government's requirements for lead-free fuel by 2006, Sasol has embarked on a massive R12.2-billion development - Project Turbo - which involves the construction of two new polymer plants in Secunda and Sasolburg. This venture required the transportation of the C3 Splitter column from Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal to Secunda in Mpumalanga along the N2 and N17 routes. Vela VKE was approached to assess four bridges along the N2 route to ensure that the C3 Splitter super-loads could safely cross. The C3 Splitter was to be transported in three units. ..


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