n IMIESA - Understanding SANS 1529-9:2003 : metering

Volume 30, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 0257-1978
  • Author
  • Source : IMIESA, Volume 30, Issue 7, Jul 2005, p. 52 - 53
  • Accreditation : Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)



Extracted from text ... METERING Understanding SANS 1529-9:2003 The SANS 1529-9:2003* standard, which covers pre-payment water metering systems, was made compulsory under the Trade Metrology Act (Act 77 of 1973) by Government Notice R 1704 of 21 November 2003 and became binding on both manufacturers and users. This brief overview highlights its intent and implications, expressed as an opinion. The standard, including other standards referenced in the article, should be consulted when considering legal implications. To assist the reader, extracts from the standard are provided and then commented on. The title of SANS 1529-9:2003 suggests that it is concerned only with the electronic indicator ..

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