n IMIESA - A need for urgent collaboration : municipal review

Volume 41, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 0257-1978



The question of how industry can help municipalities was asked at a recent academic debate on the current and anticipated water crisis this country faces. Within the context of South Africa being in the grip of the worst drought in 30 years, and the fact that we are losing 25.4% of our water, or R8.5 billion at current prices, to water leaks, it is a very relevant question. But, like all problems, what we see is only the tip of the iceberg. To solve our problem, we need to look a little deeper. Four years ago, in the National Treasury's 2012 Budget Review, director- general Lungisa Fuzile said that South Africa's water demand will out stripits supply by 2030. Three years ago, the Department of Water and Sanitation's research into water losses at 132 of the 237 municipalities, which, in water volume, represents 75% of the total volume of municipal water supplied,showed that the current level of non-revenue water is estimated at 36.7%, of which 11.3% is illegal water usage and 25.4% is considered to be losses through physical leakages. The department attributed this to technical ineptitude and ageing infrastructure, which are problems countrywide. "Inadequate maintenance and repairs of existing infrastructure, long response times to water leaks and a culture of water wastage are among the challenges facing the South African water sector," it said.

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