n Image & Text : a Journal for Design - Viaduct 2015 'archival addresses : photographies, practices, positionalities' : conference report

Volume 25, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1020-1491



The Research Centre, Visual Identities in Art and Design (VIAD) in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA) at the University of Johannesburg has since its inception convened a number of notable conferences that have invigorated academic debates and stimulated new avenues for research and enquiry. VIADUCT 2015, titled 'Archival addresses : photographies, practices, positionalities' continues in the VIAD trajectory by having presented a platform for significant and substantial explorations of 'the complexities of contemporary archival practices, and how these play out using lens-based and new media technologies' (VIADUCT 2015 : 1).

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