n Institute of African Studies Research Review - Poetry and gender : the changing status of Dagaare women

Volume 19, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



This paper examines the evolving roles of Dagaare women in Dagaare oral poetry, and with that transformation, their changing status in the society. The issues of women as they are reflected in the oral poems they sing are also examined. Resources from fifty women, including discussions with people knowledgeable in Dagaare oral arts were gathered and analysed to understand how the situation of the Dagaare woman is changing. Particular women performers were also picked and their poems recorded for analysis, and they were also interviewed on their views on their changing roles and position in the society. <br>The status of women is examined vis-à-vis their prestige, economic and political power in the society and is seen to be inexorably changing as their economic base improves and they gain more and more recognition in their society. <br>Institutional factors that promote change such as migration, activities of NGOs and the Churches are also examined. One of the recommendations made is that much more needs to be done to give women an even higher status in the society.

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