n Institute of African Studies Research Review - Child care among Ewe migrants in the city of Accra : cases of crisis

Supplement 6
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



The general wellbeing of children has become an issue of increasing concern and discussion at international, local, and other levels during the last two decades or so. Children's health and nutritional status, in particular, have received the attention of both researchers and policy makers, due to indications of survey results and other sources that they have been deteriorating in many countries. Theoretical and other forms of research aimed at understanding the situation identify care as an important factor that either promotes or otherwise affects the health and nutritional status of children. Studies on care have also emphasized that the socioeconomic context within which care is provided, determines the availability of resources for care and the personal capacity of care givers or families to meet their care obligations. The present paper presents a number of cases of crisis of care among Ewe migrants in the city of Accra. It is part of a bigger project that examined care practices and their effects on children's health and nutritional status among the migrants. The cases, though unique in their own respect, together are a reflection of the general situation of care among the migrants. They also bring to light the complex interrelationship among the factors affecting care and point to the need for more comprehensive approaches in research to understand the problems facing households in providing care for children in the contemporary socioeconomic context.

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