n Institute of African Studies Research Review - Pre-monarchical political leadership among the Gas, with special reference to the people of La

Supplement 7
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



The paper deals with the historical and social circumstances that led to the evolution of the peculiar structure of the Ga political system, which articulates the Ga political philosophy and theory of power relations. The theory of Ga politics, which has been described as graduated authority or diffuse authority expressed in different offices, is a product of the historical circumstances that brought about the transition from priestly theocracy to chieftaincy. The evolution of the Ga political authority structure was in response to three important events that have shaped Ga society. These are the separation of the Gas from the Dangmes, and the migration of the Gas to the coast. The transition from priestly theocracy to chiefly rule became necessary as a response to the pressure on the Gas as the middlemen between the merchants on the coast and the other inland groups.

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